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Greece No! to austerity
CAEF statement [7.7.15]

The position of the Greek Government and No! vote to austerity in the referendum does not alter the eurozone operation or the thrust of the EU to 'an ever closer union'. Despite this we applaud and welcome the No! vote.

The Greek Government is for retaining membership of both the EU and eurozone which has all but strangled the Greek economy and impoverished the majority of the Greek people.

No doubt a compromise is being sought and will take time, a lot of horse-trading and painful arm twisting will take place behind closed doors. Greece has been told to propose a viable plan to incorporate paying back their creditors who got Greece into the mess in the first place. These include both German and French banks as well as the IMF. If the current Greek government rejects eurozone plans it could walk away from the 'talks' and resign. Then, either a far right government will take control or an EU imposed technocrat government will be installed in Athens. Either way yet more severe austerity will be put in place.

The role of the European Central Bank as the major eurozone institution is to apply rules and conditions to maintain the euro. If the ECB lets Greece 'off the hook' other eurozone member States will follow suit, some of whom have said the rules should be relaxed and more money lent to Greece to keep them in the eurozone.

The Greek referendum has rejected more austerity and shown clearly to the world what the EU institutions are really for. It proved that one aspect of democracy does actually work, but isn't the final solution. although we applaud the No! vote it's not enough to be against austerity. It has to be against the whole EU juggernaut. In part the current euro crisis dates back to the 1992 Maastricht Treaty where the eurozone was agreed. This included the severe restrictions on public sector spending and government borrowing where the ECB decides the exchange and interest rates which are two key factors in controlling an economy.

Even though Britain with Denmark had an opt-out from the eurozone, successive UK governments have applied the strict criteria. That led to PPP and PFI, with huge financial problems for the NHS, as well as handing practically everything from the public sector to the privateers and transnational corporations.

The problem Greece faces can be solved not just by leaving the eurozone but quitting the EU as well. It is of course for the peoples of Greece to come to that conclusion and use democracy and politics to end the decline of the economy and all forms of austerity. In a like manner the Greek government could do no better than Iceland and adopt a policy where the avaricious creditors are not paid back their ever-growing mounds of paper money. Incidentally Iceland has decided to withdraw an application to join the EU.

This goes for Britain as well where it is not enough to just be against austerity but to be against the whole EU juggernaut. It is no use shouting from inside an EU prison van on the way to a more secure jail. The object is to get out of jail altogether which entails making Britain an independent nation-state with an economy based on manufacturing, trading across the world, including EU Member States, with control of its own borders. This avoids Britain being shackled by EU common policies, directives and regulations. That course means much discussion to bring about unity to form and build a campaign to win a No! vote in the forthcoming referendum.

Democrat May-June 2015 (pdf file)

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Democrat March-April 2015 (pdf file)

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First World War: 100 years of Imperialism and Resistance

A 64 page illustrated pamphlet

Orders can now be made - £2.50 plus 50p postage, cheques payable to 'Democrat Press', PO Box 46295, London W5 2UG

Democrat January-February 2015 (pdf file)

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Democrat September-December 2014 (pdf file)

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Democrat July-August 2014(pdf file)

Mode 4 (EU/India trade pact)
TTIP - Break secrecy around this new treaty
Nations and nation-states versus cryto-imperialism
Gove has gone, free market EU ideology hasn't
Respect for the truth in the West no longer exists

Democrat May-June 2014(pdf file)

EU 3.5 million jobs lie

Don't let the far-right lead

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CAEF statement on tragic loss of Bob Crow
RMT General Secretary

Collapse of the left in Britain in face of capitalist economic crisis

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demo in Ottawa
Another secret treaty -
Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA)

Immigration and
"free" movement of labour

[pdf leaflet on immigration]

Corporate Europe
Imperialist EU threatens Ukraine
Independence and free trade
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Why the Secret Treaty?
USA-EU Free Trade Agreement
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
EU attacks worker's rights
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How the EU Operates

Who elects or appoints whom?
Who has powers, who decides and how?
Who controls the eurozone?
How the eurozone money circuit works

The EU and benign globalisation

Germany plans banking union
without a vote

Barroso wants more money for guns and rapid reaction forces
Meet the nEUROn drone

Deutsch Bahn impedes Commemoration Train of transportation of Jews by Nazis

When is a jam not a jam?

The thee-million-jobs-at risk lie

Supporters of greater EU integration, such as the deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, have claimed repeatedly -- on the basis of a 1999 report from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research - that at least three million jobs would be at risk if the UK withdrew from the EU. (The Institute's director, Martin Weale, repudiated that claim and described it a 'pure Goebbels'.) The claim rests on a misunderstanding. Three million British people are involved in exporting products to the EU, but their jobs depend on the continuation of trade, not on continued EU membership. Outside the EU Britain -- like any other services to EU member states. Millions of jobs in China 'depend on exports to the EU', but no one has suggested that China must become an EU member. The three-million-jobs-at-risk lie is 'Euro-centrism gone mad'.

Source: The Hampden Trust - 'Europe' doesn't work

EU attacks wages and
collective bargaining

Over 30,000 Belgian protestors marched through Brussels in June against a wage freeze demanded by the European Union.

The mad European Single Market and privatisation

The EU-India Free Trade Agreement will extend the European Single Market which the European Court of Justice is trying to keep secret the deals from those who oppose the FTA but not from business and the transnationals

Also see what we said in 2011 - Stop the EU-India Free Trade Agreement- also know as Mode 4
See the TUC decision in 2011 - TUC opposes Mode 4
Print down the leaflet in PDF format on this issue of Mode 4 and jobs


The Great Eurozone Disaster - From Crisis to Global New Deal


Thatcher and the Supra-State of
a Europe of the Monoplies


'Alternative for Germany'

A new political party


Who would Britain trade with
if Britain left the EU?


Billionaires bailed out by Irish taxpayers


British Library Exhibition - Propaganda, Power and Persuasion ____________________

CAEF - Press Statement - 14 May 2013

The time is ripe where the Left must regroup around the demand to leave the EU. RMT General Secretary Bob Crow has spelt out what must be done where RMT leads the way*. It is time for the left to get everybody in the labour movement off their knees and get the anti-EU position adopted in as many units of the movement as practical. This is an opportune time to muck out the stables, put an end to the austerity policies which emanate from Brussels and demand an in/out referendum on EU membership now.

* see caef facebook [above]

CAEF - Press Statement - 3 May 2013

Local election results are a
danger signal

For years the electorate has overwhelmingly opposed Britain's EU membership. The local election results are a clear danger signal. Unless the labour and trade union movement recognise this and return to an anti-EU position the far right will take hold with dreadful consequences. The anti-EU movement must not be confused with right wing political parties who support austerity. The left must take hold of the leadership of this movement and take Britain to a position outside the EU. Britain must have the right to self determination with a government replacing austerity and instead adopt policies and pass legislation for jobs and a manufacturing based economy to create wealth and trade across the world.

Mrs Thatcher's legacy - European Union


The role of Germany in the EU