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Democrat Review 1999

Background to Kosovo-Serbia crisis
Global War Policy?

Review of the Pamphlet by Leo Dreapir in the series on -
EU Common Foreign and Security Policy

The Forward, Introduction and main headings in the pamphlet are given below.

Note - In no way does the Campaign against Euro-federalism wish to take sides in the internal affairs of nation-states. The Campaign stands for the right of nations and nations-ntates to self determination and national democracy - real internationalism. The Campaign is opposed to imperialism.
EU troops on exercise


In this pamphlet the intention is to expose the interference of NATO, the European Union and "the West" in sovereign nation states by the use or threat of armed force of the most barbaric and cowardly form - pressing buttons in planes or warships by order of political masters.
Most people had thought the world had moved on from the use of war to resolve political and other problems. NATO has no remit to act "out of area" and in doing so is breaking international law, ignoring the UN Charter and the UN itself.

This pamphlet is for discussion and contributions are welcome and will be taken into consideration for a second and subsequent editions.

Further pamphlets in this series will deal with other aspects of the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the role of European Union including the Euro-military-industrial-complex.

The Democrat, paper of the Campaign will continue to carry regular reports of the drive to a European Military Union.


The people of Britain by implication, whether they are aware or remain ignorant of Britain's disgraceful role in "global" empire building, are part of that drive to impose the West's will on small nations and nation states. The interventions in Iraq and the Balkans are undertaken "in the name of the peoples of Britain". Use of the terms "international community", "the Alliance" or "the West" are no cover for our involvement in the politics of violence.

Even by our silence we are assumed to sanction the transforming of small states into neo-colonies by military, political and economic pressure, violence or the threat of it. It is hardly relevant whether the British government is either pro-European Union Defence Identity, or pro-United States/NATO. This may sometimes be the tactical case. Whatever the role played by government it generally represents big capital interests. Until now the role of the peoples of Britain at large has been passive and unquestioning.

Indeed this is precisely what the imperialist minded amongst us want. They want our passive acceptance of their view of events. They want to get on with the business of imposing neo-liberal corporate reforms on the nations of the planet, pulverising those who attempt to defend their political, sovereign state or national territorial integrity. They want us to applaud their missile diplomacy, mass destruction, bombings, and "negotiation" at gunpoint.

To prevent a backwards into the Twenty First Century to the imperialism of the Nineteenth Century, we must act now to stop any further erosion of international norms and reinforce the self-determination of nations as expressed in the independent sovereign state. What goes around comes around. Failure to defend national independence is an open invitation to have one's own independence removed. And to have it removed if necessary by the "traditional methods" Chancellor Kohl threatened us with in 1994. The penalty for failure is fascism, the last resort of the corporate scoundrel.

While successive pro-EU governments have undermined all forms of democracy in Britain by stealth; the mass of the people still adhere strongly to the principles self-determination and full governmental control over the affairs of state and the economy. If the peoples of Britain insist on remaining passive in the face of the demolition of their own democracy and independence and allow their elected "representatives" to pursue the destruction of other independent sovereign states, then "internationalism" will cease to exist.

What would remain? Your guess is as good as ours! We do know from historical experience that such an attempt to destroy established freedoms will be met with the most severe resistance. A World War of a different kind. That war has already started in Iraq and continues in the Balkans where 500,000 souls have already perished in imperialist engineered military conflict. The cost for Africa, Latin America and Asia since the end of the cold war is probably multiplied by ten.

The world is on fire, no continent remains unaffected by the "new order". Six billion people who constitute the poor nations of the planet stand in the shadow of monumental Western power such as has never been known before. One billion Western people benefit in varying degrees from untold wealth at the expense of the other five billion poor.

We are assured however, that conditions of empire, new or old order, are conditions which the conquered find insupportable. Conditions which the metropolitan masses will refuse to sanction or swallow because of the increasing fascism of their own conditions. The planet is sick of imperialism, because imperialism is sick.

To those democrats who are aware of the threat to national independence by "Globalist" corporations, we suggest you join us to oppose this. We cannot, under pain of another holocaust, afford to ignore what is happening in our names across the community of nations, the real international community. What goes around comes around. War on a global and horrendous scale can only come from our government pursuing the politics of juvenile delinquency led by whatever Western power alliance doing the business of the voracious transnational corporations. By doing nothing to stop our government's recourse to international piracy and political violence we are seen to condone such actions, or even lend support by remaining silent. By passively looking on while our government helps to forge the chains of others today, we must know that those chains are there for us tomorrow.


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The 60 page pamphlet was first published 8 March 1999 but is now out of print. It is intended to publish the text on this website in the next period.

Part I - Military aspects of European Union
Part II - The Balkans
Part III - Kosovo