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For independence, democracy, peace and jobs, and against the European Constitution and racism

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Campaign against Euro-federalism

Aims & Objectives

Democracy and Self Determination

Our nation state can only be democratic if it has the right to self determination. Only elected MPs in the House of Commons and a government answerable to those MPs should have the power to make laws and policies for our multi-racial, multi-nation state of Britain. No Government has the right to renounce that power and no Parliament can commit future Parliaments to such a course.

   Attempts to stifle democracy and the nation state through the Treaty on European Union and Euro-federalism, the EU Constitution, regional policy and free competition through unregulated free movement of capital, goods, services and labour must be opposed. We will work to persuade the peoples of Britain and especially the labour and trade union movement and young people, to declare the right to self determination to be essential to national democracy. All nations within the United Kingdom should have the right to self determination if they so decide.

   Our immediate task, together with all other interested groups and individuals, is to protect the rights of the peoples of Britain, guard their interests by preventing the implementation of the Treaty on European Union or EU Constitution and further steps to Euro-federalism through regulations, directives and decisions in Britain and to stay out of the economic and monetary union, political union and military union.

Through discussion we will demonstrate the advantages of the alternative to EU membership of restoring an independent and democratic Britain. We work for the repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act and the return of taxation powers surrendered to the EC in the 1972 Finance Act.

European Community/Union

Membership of the European Community/Union has contributed substantially to the unprecedented decline of industries in Britain, mass long-term unemployment and inability to trade on the world market. Besides huge contributions to the EU budget we have to purchase high priced food, thanks to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Because of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) we no longer have control over the fishing grounds around Britain with consequent loss of most of the fishing industry and fish stocks and pollution of the sea. Membership of the EU has entailed a switch away from taxing income and profit to consumption through the imposition of VAT. The burden of these costs and taxation is mainly carried by ordinary people especially those with low incomes or the unemployed.

   The Treaty on European Union, Euro-federalism and EU Constitution will guarantee further decline as a result of which Britain will become an offshore area of a supranational state. The aim of European Union to be consolidated through the EU Constitution is to have its own military forces and be ruled in secret by unelected governors of an unaccountable European Central Bank, an appointed Commission and committees such as the European Council. These bodies consist of a majority of representatives of member states not answerable to our Government, Parliament or electorate and would be taking decisions which may not be in the interests of Britain.

   Corporatism and fascism are also menaces which emanate from the drive to a European Union. Racism has been encouraged by the Schengen agreement which is now part of EU law with parallel legislation on immigration and asylum in Britain.

   We will show by all means possible that it is in the interests of our people to avert these dangers and will work to retain Britain's right to pursue independent economic and peaceful foreign policies and restore sovereign control over its own military forces geared to defence only. We will oppose participation in a common foreign and security policy and European Army.


We recognise and support the need for international co-operation and solidarity amongst working class organisations in EU member states to protect the interests of their members. Internationalism means the right to self determination and national democracy for all nations and nation states of the world which includes close relations with our friends in EU states and co-operating with peoples in all countries of the world.

Alternative to European Union

We will work to ensure Britain is governed in the interest of the peoples of Britain where the government has to be independent of European Union. The government can then exercise control over the economy, monetary policy, taxation, interest rates, exchange rates to protect home industries and employment and powers over the movement of capital, trans-national corporations and cosmopolitan bankers.

   An independent Britain with the right to conduct mutually beneficial trade across the world would provide the opportunity to enhance the economy and employment. Britain's contribution to this trade has to be based on manufacturing where investment in old and new industries should be encourages. This would include financial and technical co-operation with all countries, including states in the continent of Europe and especially developing states in the 'Third World'.

   Part of the rational development of Britain and curbing the excessive activities of transnational corporations would be the realistic use of energy and natural resources in an efficient and restrained manner. Despite all the propaganda, an independent Britain would be able to legislate for strong and enforceable national measures and participate in international agreements to protect the health and welfare of people and the environment for future generations.

{Adopted at CAEF AGM in March 2004}