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Democrat November-December 1998 (Number 33)

Unravelling history

Part II by Leo Dreapir -
The Balkans

"Anybody who was able to represent the Third Rheich as loyally as the Weimar Republic and the German Federal Republic as loyally as the Third Rheich, should have no difficulty in representing to the world the changing development of our democratic Germany. There has been no break, only the expression of a developing policy."

German Social Democratic leader, Foreign Minister and Chancellor, Herr Willie Brandt - 12 September 1967

Map of the Balkans

Napoleon and Hitler sought to conquer Europe for empire. The key to holding Europe is the reduction and holding of Russia, the principal geopolitical competitor and obstacle. Russia is a mineral and labour resource paradise.

The key to Russia is the Balkans. Neither, Napoleon, nor Hitler could subdue Russia. As the Euro-driven Franco-German alliance, together they have new designs on Russia. We all know that The EU led by Germany smashed up the Yugoslav Federation which was initially set up in the second decade of this century to thwart German expansionism. The Balkans opens gates to Russian oil in Cheychenia Kazakstan and the Caspian sea and consolidates the strategic Mediterranean for control of Middle East oil.

During the recent Western vandalisation of Yugoslavia, we were bombarded with Euro-anti-Serb propaganda designed to demonise the Serbs, The Serbs are the main opponents of Germany in the Balkan federation. They also have the presence of mind not to join NATO. The Liberal democrats lashed the British public with Serb demonology. The Labour "left" sung the praises of Western military intervention. Ken Livingstone Labour MP in a London radio news programme in April 1994 called for the ariel bombing of the Serbs.

However, some British were not so keen to bomb their old war time Serb allies, against the Nazi. An example of this happened in November 1994 during the British UN Command of General Sir Micheal Rose. Elements of the SAS, on the ground at night, acting under UNPROFRO, refused to give US NATO F-16 fighters co-ordinates to attack Serb artillery positions from the air, outside Bihac.

NATO forces

That NATO forces are used at all is contrary to its own international rules on the defined area of its operations. More to the point, the Americans seek to deny Germany and the WEU, as competitors, the option of a military role in Europe. This the US feels is its supremacist right. If there is any blitzkrieging to be done, it must be done allowing the US to control events to their advantage through superior military advantage.

Divisions multiplied amongst the Western powers for strategic control of the Balkan gateway to East and middle East. US and German/EU client protagonists scrambled to line up behind their chosen interventionist powers who were seeking out neo-colonial spheres of interest. This gave the interventionists the opportunity to pick and choose who they were going to back politically and militarily. Nevertheless only the US had the overt power and the imperial might to enter the fray in serious competition with imperial Germany. These two competitors are at the centre of a struggle for international supremacy.


Two features marked out the two main imperialist competitors. Their ability to lie to the world about their real strategic objectives under cover of "humanitarianism" and disgraceful propaganda. and secondly, their ability to chop and change support for local national factions to suit the fashion. Each competitor acting in one direction while shamefully pretending another. The clandestine arming of local armies is to this day proving a murderous strategy for what is yet to come. And one suspects that Russia is to be the full scale battle ground for what has been tested out successfully in Yugoslavia.


When the US first reacted to the EU Balkan bulldozer, it did so clumsily, yet recognising EU strategy as German foreign policy. At first, the US sought a sphere of influence amongst the Serbs in fielding a US backed leadership candidate called Milan Panic. Utter failure here led the US to change sides overnight in pursuit of a firm operational US regional base. The US found a host in the Bosnian Muslims. Essentially, the US was obliged to re-establish its position in a cold war map of Europe which "post cold war Germany" had torn up.

Germany launched the Balkan destruction in the hope of a swift decision and an opportunity to exercise the WEU Eurocorps. This plan was quickly dispatched by the US intervention which drew out the conflict with opposing national factions seeking patronage from the great powers. The Balkans bled slowly to allow the mighty to assert their new post cold war international imperialist positions.

Stand offs

The great western powers led by Germany and the US belligerently face each other in"stand offs", sacrificing the blood of small Balkan nations. In the North of the former Yugoslavia , Germany controls Slovenia and Croatia. In the south The US has military bases in Bosnia Montenegro and Macedonia.

At the time of writing NATO, is preparing to attack the Serbs in Serbia itself. The pretext for this is a massacre of 18 Kosovans. NATO made no such clamour to Bomb London when British paratroopers murdered 14 unarmed civil rights demonstrators in Derry in January 1971. The Western vandalism in Kosovo is really the battle between Germany and the US for international supremacy. Now, the stakes have been raised considerably.

Fundamentally, the US has set Germany back by moving in on German post cold war successes and halted its concerted move eastwards. Germany, furious at this threatens to disrupt the whole region, and the US political consolidation in the region by promoting and arming the Kosovo Guerrillas. Success in creating a "greater Albania" will involve the whole of the Balkans including Greece and Turkey in possible all out war according to Western political analysts. Germany pursues this policy to oust the US from Europe starting with the Balkans.

International policeman

The US is now prepared to bomb Serbia in order to out-manoeuvre German backed Albanian movement for a greater Albania which drew Serbia into the present conflict. The WEU would like to deal with Serbia in its own way. The US denies its rival even this option by virtue of its monopoly international policeman role.

We propose to examine the incitement and background to war in Kosovo and Serbia in our next article in this series. We hope to draw the lessons of the wanton destruction of Yugoslavia and protest at the brutalisation of the Balkan peoples.

UN Charter

In March this year, a Herald Tribune editorial pronounced "Washington must cease to recognise the outmoded concept of integral territory held by brutal force, whether it be Serbia, Iraq, Indonesia or China". Meanwhile Madeline Albright US Foreign Minister declared that "the UN Charter respecting the integral sovereignty of states is no longer recognised by the US".

On the other side of the Atlantic, one day after the new Social Democratic German Chancellor, Gerhardt Schroder came to power, he stressed that there would be no change in German foreign policy, and the Franco-German axis remains unaffected.

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