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Press Statement by CAEF Executive Committee 09.05.11

CAEF supports calls for a General Election and Referendum on EU membership

Reject reorganisation of NHS

Following the recent elections and Referendum on AV it is clear that the public are of the strong view that this Con-Dem Government has no mandate for implementing the plans of the international financial elite and its collaborators including the European Union by means of political and economic attacks on working people through the common EU austerity and cuts policies. The Campaign against Euro-federalism supports the calls for a General Election and the demand for a Referendum on EU membership.

Following the mass demonstration against the cuts we urge the TUC take a lead to mobilise the working class and democratic movements in defence against what is old fashioned imperialism and class war on a national and transnational level.

It is very noticeable that "hardmen" Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Cable as part of a cabinet of millionaires are continuing to press ahead with ‘tough’ cuts to pay and conditions of workers, privatisation and real cuts to our cherished NHS, Education, Pensions and the rest of the welfare state. In contrast they act soft with the World Bankers and EU Directives and policies which are responsible for the cuts. This is demonstrated by Chancellor Osborne who has agreed to submit the cuts’ budget to Brussels asking if they are ‘tough’ enough.

It’s high time (before it’s too late) that we realise these are class political attacks and demand a democratic say in a referendum and a total rejection of proposed reorganisation of the NHS.