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Statement on Cameron speech on EU referendum


Campaign against Euro-federalism
23 January 2013

Cameron's statement on EU membership does not address the acute problems which the peoples of Britain face. To dangle the carrot of the prospect of a referendum sometime maybe in the future is simply talk for his: diminishing numbers of supporters to win the next General Election; and to appease US objections to Britain opting out of the EU.

The major objectives of those opposed to disastrous EU membership must be to re-establish the right to self-determination, national independence and democracy. This must include controls on the movement of capital, services, goods and labour.

The labour movement must be won to re-adopt the policy of Britain's withdrawal from the EU instead of holding onto the apron strings of the financial sector which includes the banks that caused the economic mess Britain faces. Cameron and Osborne have repeatedly stated they want to protect the City of London as the financial centre of the EU from which austerity policies stem. That requires the election of a government to stand up to the financial sector and transnational corporations by exercising sovereign powers and legislation on behalf of the vast majority of people in Britain. This to include polices to trade across the world, including the continent of Europe, with an economy based on manufacturing to guarantee jobs and prosperity for the future of Britain.