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CAEF AGM 27 April 2013 - Resolution

Globalisation is Imperialism

The EU is a temporary imperialist alliance of former European empires which has promoted the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Germany in particular strives for a single European Army to enforce this foreign policy. Forces from the EU are active in former European colonies in Africa and Arabia as well as Afghanistan. Military action in Iraq, Libya and Mali had the objective of trashing nation-states and imposing regimes acceptable to the “West”. It was also blatant intimidation of other nation-states.

The term ‘Globalisation’ is used as a cover to obscure the resurgence of imperialism to the advantage of transnational corporations and cosmopolitan banks to consolidate capitalism. This includes imposing on all the former European colonies neo-liberal policies to their huge disadvantage and continued impoverishment.

The arrangements being made by the EU with India are to expand the Single European neo-liberal Market. India is to open her borders and privatise in exchange for free movement of labour as well as capital. Other arrangements ‘on the table’ between the EU and USA are intended to be to the advantage of the transnational corporations and banks. These proposed arrangements are designed to override the powers of national governments and reduce any controls on capital.

Divisions within the temporary alliance include a two tier EU with a eurozone of 17 member states and 10 member states outside the eurozone. This reflects the tensions between the financial centres of the City of London and Frankfurt and their vested interests across the world.

Political, economic and military ways are being used to re-establish old empires as a means to exploit further the natural resources and cheap labour in the 67 former colonies. France has moved back into Mali and made clear that EU ‘partners’ must stay away. Germany has moved back into German East Africa, now Tanzania.

Globalisation is not a benign arrangement in the world village but imperialism in new clothes which must be exposed and opposed:

For the sake of peace in the world

To bring a halt to the military, economic and political interference in nation-states and respect their right to self-determination

To advance a full understanding of internationalism and imperialism to strengthen real internationalism.

Adopted unanimously

also see reolution on The National Question and Democracy