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RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

Our Campaign against Euro-federalism is profoundly shocked and deeply saddened at the loss of RMT General Secretary Bob Crow. He was a man of principle with proletarian guts and worked unequivocally for, on and by the side of trade unionists and working people. His leadership of RMT included outright opposition to the austerity policies and privatisation which stem from Brussels. He fully supported and encouraged the labour and trade union movement to return to a policy for the withdrawal of Britain from the EU. Within this he supported our Campaign to which RMT is affiliated.

Bob Crow would be amused at all the fine words expressed by those who opposed him and would certainly say "the bastards waited until I died to give me any back-handed credit".

We send condolences to RMT members and Bob's family. The best way to commemorate the life of Bob Crow is to work harder to carry out his principles and objectives.

John Boyd

For and on behalf of the Campaign against Euro-federalism