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Referendum Gavotte - Song No.9

Words: Tony Grace

Tune: "Ascot Gavotte" from "My Fair Lady"

Every Duke and Earl and Peer was there
But anyone who should be was not there
The workers' voice was missing, positively missing
At the House of Lords Debate.

At the gate were all the traitors
Champing at the bit to talk it out.
What a maddening absolutely sickening
Sight of the peoples will to flout.
Amendments flowing , faces glowing
Heart beats gear up I have never been so fed up.
Any second now they'll begin to vote
Hark a bell is ringing. Our steed's become a goat.

What wrecking amendments thev were. For the referendurn they've gained delay
But they're silly, absolutely silly, simply 'cause that Bill won't go away.