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Democrat - Editorial June-July 2002 (Number 63)

Brian Denny

Federalism breeds fascism

Mussolini and Hitler at the start of their attemp at a European Union to last a thousand years

French fascist leader Jean Marie Le Pen's ability to scrape into the second round of presidential elections in France some weeks ago sent shock waves throughout the continent of Europe. However, amid the soulsearching, the real reasons for the despictable rise of the far right across Europe have hardly been touched upon. Opportunist right wing leaders have leapt on massive disillusionment with political elites and their self-serving support for the creation of a European superstate regardless of the consequences for ordinary people.

Second visit

We have been here before.Two yeas ago, Joerg Haiders Freedom Party won 27% in Austrian elections after he denounced the single currency and EU expansion eastwards as a threat to the countrys future.

As reported in The Democrat at the time, the anti-EU rhetoric was quickly dropped by the venal Mr Haider once he was part of the ruling coalition, following pressure from Austrias elite and Brussels itself, thus exposing the self-seeking opportunism at the heart of the far right. Those euro-fascists who support federalism, such as the thirty or so far right MEPs sitting in Strasbourg, are also strangely exempt from criticism.


The rise to power in Italy of the billionaire far right media tycoon, Silvio Berlusconi, was also due to a percieved desire to clear out a rotton and corrupt establishment. However, the Italians were cruelly and predictably deceived as Berlusconis neo-fascist coalition carries out EU policies designed to benefit corporations pretty much like the ones owned by Mr Berlusconi himself. It is abundantly clear that the growth of the far right is set to soar as "globalisation" or more correctly imperialism - which includes the drive towards eurofederalism in Europe - rolls on.

Cheap labour

Enforced privatisations, economic and political centralisation, and the relocation of corporations to cheaper eastern Europe following EU expansion will cause rising unemployment both here and in the east. These obvious developments have raised fears across Europe which demagogues like Le Pen can feed on in the name of attacking what he rightly describes as Euro-globalisation.

National politics

Even leading eurofanatics like Glyn Ford MEP, writing in Tribune, say the rise of the far right can be ascribed to the fact that national politics is becoming increasingly impotent when faced with the transformation of economies to continental and global dimensions. What he fails to point out is that he himself acts as a cheerleader for the eurofederalist edifice - including the abolition of national currencies and stripping national governments of any meaningful powers to decide their own destiny - the very process that feeds the far right. European Commission Romano Prodi can be relied upon to be far more crass and revealing.


Le Pen feeds on fears. To fight him we must nourish hope. Enlargement, for example, represents the end of nationalism and wars in Europe, he declared. The idea that the EU empire will somehow abolish legitimate desires for national independence and end conflict forever is indeed laughable. As long as the left as a whole refuses to engage in struggles to defend national independence, democracy and the right to decide our own future free from interference from Brussels, the far right will fill the void with their poison. Nature abhors a vacuum.

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