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The Democrat...on line

The Democrat is published bi-monthly in hard copy/paper and contains material which analyses the implications of European Union, common policies, the single currency, a Common Foreign and Security Policy and EU Army, common taxation and judicial systems for Britain. This includes the EU institutions, policies, directives, regulations and drive to an EU superstate with an EU state Constitution (aka Lisbon Treaty). There are articles giving the alternative to EU membership which requires Britain to regain the right to self-determination, national independence and democracy.

Democrat May-June 2015 (pdf file)

Referendum wake up call
What must be done by 'working people'?
"3 million jobs depend on Britain being in the EU." But what is this myth of a figure based on?

Democrat March-April 2015 (pdf file)

The General Election and TTIP
Democracy needs to be protected NOW (editorial)
Resistance to the euro and to the EU grows
CAEF AGM Resolutions
NATO and EU's Very High Readiness Joint Task Force
The Capitalist Crisis (Book Review)
Boats across the Meiterranean

Main features in January-February 2015 Democrat
pdf file

Greece needs the Drachma not more structural adjustment

Main features in September-December 2014 Democrat
pdf file

Main features in July-August 2014 Democrat
pdf file

Main features in May-June 2014 Democrat
pdf file

EU sparks war in Ukraine
Cameron's Kidology

Main features in March-April 2014 Democrat
pdf file

EU 3.5 million jobs lie
Don't let the far-right lead
Bob Crow - Statement
Collapse of the left in Britain in capitalist economic crisis - part 2
First World War - part II - Imperialism then and now - Alliances and the Arms Race
EU sends Battle Group to Africa
2014 CAEF AGM Resolution - The economy, manufacturing, jobs and trade unions
2014 CAEF AGM Resolution - EU/US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Leaflet pdf file

Main features in January-February 2014 Democrat
pdf file

EU support plummets across Europe
Editorial - Who's on the side of 'hard working people'?
Collapse of the left in Britain in capitalist economic crisis - part 1
First World War - part I - Imperialism then and now - Scramble for Africa
Another secret treaty; Canada-EU trade agrement
Beyond reason

Main features in November-December 2013 Democrat
pdf file

Imperialist EU threatens Ukraine
Independence and free trade
Why the Secret Treaty? USA-EU Free Trade Agreement
Collapse of the left in Germany in capitalist economic crisis - part II
EU's war plans tabled at December summit
Corporate Europe - book review
Majority of EU millionaires are in Britain
Greed is good
Discussion on Climate change

Main features in September-October 2013 Democrat
pdf file

The EU attacks worker's rights
Immigration and the "free" movement of labour
Collapse of the left in Germany in capitalist economic crisis - part I
How the EU operates - [diagrams]
1. Who elects or appoints whom?
2. Who has powers, who decides and how?
3. Who controls the Eurozone?
4. Eurozone money circuit?
Notes on diagrams on 'How the EU and eurozone operates'
Press Freedom
What they say in the referendum debate
Iceland formally abandons talks on joining the EU

Main features in July-August 2013 Democrat
pdf file

The EU and benign globalisation
Germany plans banking union without a vote
Barosso asks for more money for guns
Meet the nEUROn drone

'Democratic interventionism' in Syria
Pamphlet review - The National Question
What they said - The debate and battle on the referendum is here now
Corporate Tobacco Europe
EU firm line on Israel urged
Deutsch Bahn impedes commemoration train of
transportation of Jews by Nazis (website only)

Discussion on climate change

Main features in May-June 2013 Democrat
pdf file

EU attacks wages and collective bargaining
The mad European Single Market and privatisation
The Great Eurozone Disaaster - Book Review
Thatcher and the Supra-State of a Europe of the Monopolies
The EU-India Free Trade Agreement - the EU wants kept quiet
Who would Britain trade with if Britain left the EU?
'Alternative for Germany' - a new political party
Billionaires bailed out by Irish taxpayers
Pamphlet review - Standing up to EU despots
British Library Exhibition - Propaganda, Power and Persuasion
When is a jam not a jam?

Main features in March-April 2013 Democrat
pdf file

Mrs Thatcher's legacy - European Union
Cyprus, Banking Union and Britain
View from Germany - German interference in Italian elections
Editorial - European Union to the fore?
Struggle for an independent Kenya
The National Interest by Arthur Smelt

Main features in January-February 2013 Democrat
(No.133) pdf file|

Tory launch gambit to stay in EU
Lessons from forty years membership of the Common Market
US rattles UK's EU chains
View of Britain from Germany
CAEF Statement on Cameron Speech on EU referendum
Socialist Labour Party
Demands the labour movement must make
Jam tomorrow by Arthur Smelt
Prum Treaty on DNA & DVLA details: Passenger Number Records (PNRR>

Main features in November-December 2012 Democrat
(No.132) pdf file

The euro is structural adjustment for all of us
Greece: A nation-state in the EU death throes
Stand up and take action
A future that works
Open Letter - for action against the cuts
European Army, Luftwaffe, EU military HQ, EU Battle Groups
Nobel not so noble

Main features in September-October 2012 Democrat
(No.131) pdf file

Brussels creates a desert and calls it peace
Stop the raiding parties
General strikes in Greece, Spain and Portugal
BAe and an industrial strategy for Britain
Eurocorps - "A force for the EU and Atlantic Alliance"
IMF false theory on austerity
Where does all the money go?
Who's taking Greece's assets?
European Union and Anomie

Main features in July-August 2012 Democrat
(No.130) pdf file

Demonising and deserting young people and others
Is this the end game of the City?
Lib Dems exposed on EU poll for referendum on EU
EU rail model rolled out
Reform of CFP stalls
Co-operation or Chaos
Watch Out - survailance concerns
Social Europe is a Con - 2012 CAEF AGM resolution

Main features in May-June 2012 Democrat (No.129)

Germany at a crossroad - the eurozone crisis
What is to happen? Two new treaties and a change to EU Constitution
Review of pamphlet - Social Europe is a Con
PDF file of pamphlet - Social Europe is a Con
Germany's plans for Greece
Wrecking the postal service
Flags and symbols, subjects and citizens
Lies and more lies

Main features in March-April 2012 Democrat (No.128)

The 'New Left' and the EU
EU transport policies = privatisation
Monti II - New EU Regulation on right to strike
Banging the Cabinet table - NoHS
Article 136 to control eurozone members

Main features in January-February 2012 Democrat (No.127)

Austerity forever unless halted
Social Europe is Anti-Social Europe
European Fiscal Pact won't solve eurozone crisis
Struggle against austerity and "social partnership" in Greece
Demonstration against EU Rail diktats
The case for withdrawing Britain from CAP
Review - Euro - Battle for the new global currency
A point of view - Happy - 2012

Main features in November-December 2011 Democrat (No.126)

Tories back Berlin
Democracy versus Bankers' oligarchy
Meet the Frankfurt Group
Dare less democracy
Reviving British Manufacturing - Booklet Review
A point of view - People First

Main features in September-October 2011 Democrat (No.125)

A new EU treat - European Stability Mechanism
Trashing the nation-state, sovereignty and democracy
TUC opposes Mode 4
Enough to make a saint riot
Bombardier - TUC statement 12 September 2011

Main features in July-August 2011 Democrat (No.124)

Save the Bombardier factory - Corruption by Siemens
Euro crisis stitch-up : Time for Britain to leave the EU
The toxic combinaiton of New Labour and the EU
Norwegian tragedy
Fire Control Centres based on EU Regions scrapped
Proposal for an EU military control centre
Ring of fire around China
The Political World of Transparancy

Main features in May-June 2011 Democrat (No.123)

Stop the EU/India Free Trade Pact
Finance Capital versus workers
Lobbying by transnational corporations
euro crisis and plans to grab Greece's national assets
American interference via European movement

Main features in special issue March 2011 Democrat

EU launches new attack on workers
Austerity policy does not care a damn about social consequences
Peoples' Pledge for a referendum on EU membership

Main features in January-February 2011 Democrat (No.122)

It is time for a referendum on Britain's EU membership
Where are we now? What must be done? Editorial
The right to demonstrate Roots of Our Rights series
Deutsche Bahn uber alles (DB's empire) Railways
Malta's buses subject to EU policies

Main features in November-December 2010 Democrat (No.121)

"Tough" for whom and why? Plus a solution Editorial
EU forces Ireland into perpetual debt
Anglo-French Declaration on Defence and Security Cooperation
EU hands rail to the private sector
The Happiness Index by Arthur Smelt

Main features in September-October 2010 Democrat (No.120)

EU orders wage cuts
ConDems play the card dealt by Brussels
How Iceland dealt with the collapse of banks
Capitalism's classic answer to a recession is to go to war

Main features in July-August 2010 Democrat (No.119)

EU Smuggles in global social dumping
ConDem/EU policy - Destroy the public sector and damn the social consequences
Quest for a United States of Europe - role of the USA, CIA and Winston Churchill
EU Investigation Order - ConDem government agrees to further loss of human rights

Main features in May-June 2010 Democrat (No.118)

The EU and National & Class interests
Bailing out the banks - who pays?
Germany leaving euro-zone is one solution to euro crisis
How the EU Operates after Lisbon - Qualified Majority Voting
Fighting for rail safety
Turmoil in our midst - Arther Smelt

Main features in March-April 2010 Democrat (No.117)

EU orders cuts in public sector spending
Protesting against EU rail 'liberalisation'
Britain is not far behind Greece
Route to the European Constitution - 2 Brussels Treaty
How the EU Operates after Lisbon - External Action Service
Political Kidology - Arther Smelt

Main features in January-February 2010 Democrat (No.116)

You are now a citizen of the EU superstate - Editorial
How the EU Operates - Here a President, there a President...
Euro in deep cirisis - EU's solution - unemployment and privatisation
Double Standards - pointed out by Arthur Smelt
Book reviews - MI5, Postman, Right to strike and TU rights

Main features in August-September 2009 Democrat (No.115)

The EU is not working - Editorial
Irish Unite trade union calls for No! vote on Lisbon II
Paris Treaty 1951 - European Coal & Steel Community

Main features in June-July 2009 Democrat (No.114)

Where now? Democracy or EU Dictatorship - Editorial
"Guarantees" for Lisbon II
Statement by People's Movement of Ireland on "Guarantees"
Maastricht trick for Lisbon II?
Invalidity of "Guarantees" for Lisbon II

Main features in March-April 2009 Democrat (No.113)

Manufacturing or "The road to hell"? - Editorial
Opposition to EU and 'Globalisation' increases
How the EU is destroying Royal Mail
Statement on Lindsey strike - The right to work and the EU Single Market
How the EU Operates - Privatisation of the NHS
Taking Liberties A review of the Book & Exhibition
Military matters - German spies in the skies
What an inordinate mess says Arthur Smelt
Privatising everything in sight - Wear and Tyne Metro

Main features in January-February 2009 Democrat (No.112)

Where now? - Editorial
Single currency crisis sparks violence
EU Working Time Directive equals 'Flexploitation'
Roots of Democracy - Limiting the working day (part one 1802-1890)
How the EU Operates - European Partnership Agreements - Trade with Third World
Making a transnational rail monopoly
2009 what next?

Main features in November-December 2008 Democrat (No.111)

The Way Out of the Crisis - Editorial
Rail workers march against EU Directives
Political Resolution agreed at CAEF AGM
Bob Crow "Say no to EU rail privatisation"
How the EU Operates - European Parliament
Roots of Democracy - Taff Vale Railway Strike
It could all be so different

Main features in September-October 2008 Democrat (No.110)

Globalisation the EU and Britain - Editorial
TUC votes to oppose European court rulings and Lisbon Treaty
A court for big capital
Healthcare Directive
How the EU Operates - European and Economic Social Committee
Roots of Democracy - The Chartists

Main features in July-August 2008 Democrat (No.109)

Kill the Lisbon Treaty - Defend democracy
New ECJ judgement against Luxembourg further undermines protection for workers
How the EU Operates - The Commission
Roots of Democracy - The Tolpuddle Martyrs

Main features in May-June 2008 Democrat (No.108)

EU attacks workers' rights again
Just get Britain out
German Foreign Minister wants EU Army
Global capital and trade union rights
How the EU Operates - The Budget
Roots of Democracy - The Levellers

Main features in March-April 2008 Democrat (No.107)

Don't give up, press on... Right to self-determination...
European Investment Bank - Railways, PFI and PPP
Labour MPs fail to vote for referendum on Lisbon Treaty
Lobby of Parliament for a referendum on EU Constitution
Military aspects-integration;operational HQ; new EU-NATO Stlantic Charter?
Arthur Smelt on Allegiance and belonging - Back to core values by John Major

How the EU Operates - series from the Democrat

Two flow charts of EU Institutions and how they operate
Working the system - lobbying by transnational corporations
Qualified Majority Voting on the European Council and council of Ministers
Here a President, there a President and two more...
Privatisation of the NHS
Trade with the Third World - EPAs and ACP
European Parliament
Economic and Social Committee
The Commission
Council of Ministers
The EU Budget
European Investment Bank
COREPER - Permanent Committee of Represntatives
Legal process behind Services Directive
Also see
Creeping European Union - Schengen and Taxation [June 2000]
Social Partnership and European Round Table of Industrialists

Main features in January-February 2008 Democrat (No.106)

To be or not to be for Britain as a sovereign nation-state?
Copying Oswald Moseley and EU expansion into North Africa

Main features in November-December 2007 Democrat (No.105)

How the EU Operates - COREPER - Permanent Committee of Representatives
Direct democracy is at stake
Demand a Referendum on Lisbon Treaty
Giscard d'Staing observations on no change between European Constitution and Lisbon Treaty
House of Commons' European Scrutiny Committee on Lisbon Treaty
CAEF AGM main political resolution

Main features in September 2007 Democrat (No.104)

Turning the EU into a superstate
Review - Ammunition for the labour and trade union movement
How the EU Operates - Council of Ministers
The EU's police force - European Gendarmerie Force
TUC demands referendum on EU Constitution
German President says EU Constitution is centralisation
What they said about the EU Constitution

Main features in July 2007 Democrat (No.103)

Demand a referendum
The new Treaty is identical to EU Constitution
'Exclusive Mandate' trick to consolidate EU state
Disguising the EU Constitution
Text of Annex 1 of Exclusive Mandate
Blair's infamous 'red lines'

Main features in May 2007 Democrat (No.102)

Legal process behind the Services Directive

Main feature in January 2007 Democrat (no.100)

EU launches attack on trade union rights

Main features in October 2006 Democrat (No.98)

Tony Benn review of - Services Directive - a race to the bottom!
Euro-federalists resurrect 'dead'constitution
European Social Model - Editorial
EU postal reforms
Darfur - EU Military ambitions and objectives
Bitter sweets - closure of York factories
Sick politics bring a sickening democracy

Main features in September 2006 Democrat (No.97)

EU pushes privatisation of healthcare
EU migration increases exploitation
Credit Unions under EU threat
The lubricant that creates friction

Main features in July 2005 Democrat (No.89)

Calls for a Social Europe means imposing the euro
Reflection on ratification and action - Luxembourg Yes!

Main features in June 2005 Democrat (No.88)

EU falls apart! - The Constitution, euro and Social Model
The European Union has no clothes
What can and has to be done now to kill off Constitution
Stop ratification of the EU Constitution

Main features in April-May 2005 Democrat (No.87)

What Social Model? Asks Tony Blair
Vote for what you want
Review of What the EU Constitution does - a 14-point critical analysis
German firm to run local authority in Britain
The Czech President on the EU
Former Commission Chief Accounting Officer says 'Reject EU Constitution'
Balance, bias and double standards

Main features in November-December 2004 Democrat (No.84)

EU has just been militarised
Charter of Fundamental Rights does not give right to strike
TUC backs EU Constitution without mandate. TUC statement on Constitution.
Vote against Regional Assembly in NE

Main features in October 2004 Democrat (No.83)

EU global war plans
EU versus USA? - Or is it imperialism on the rampage?

Democrat Briefings for trade unionists

No.1 - How the EU state Constitution affects you.

Some recent Democrat Broadsheets on this website:-

No.23 - Lisbon Treaty will give the EU a Federal state Constitution
No.23a - Formal end to independence and democracy
No.22 - What the so-called "reform Treaty" will do (EU Constitutional Treaty)
No.21 - European Round Table of Industrialists and the EU
No.20 - Brussels, Privatisation and Workers Rights
No.19 - EU Charter of Fundamental Rights - The right to strike
No.18 - Regional Assemblies are undemocratic & unaccountable
No. 16 - How EU Operates - two flow charts of EU Institutions
No.15 -
Oppose this totally undemocratic EU Constitution
No.14 - EU Directive will put pensions at risk
No.13 - British Fishing Industry Murdered by Brussels
No.12 - Ten Principles of Democracy
No.11 - You are about to enter the EU Police State

Main features in February 2003 Democrat (No.68)

'New' Europe backs illegal war on Iraq

Main features in September-October 2002 Democrat (No.65)

Stop the War
Editorial - The Alternative to EU membership
No more ERMs
Regime Change - US and EU style
Serial trick for Applicant Countries
Kinnock's carrot and the floods (Growth and Stability Pact
Strong advice to Ireland
Time to question Romano Prodi's corrupt Commission!

Main features in August 2002 Democrat (No.64)

Resistance grows to EU-designer austerity
Rethink of EU relationship with USA
Recession hit Portugal faces EU fines
Political device of ECSC folded into EU
European Union Army
Convention - a fig leaf
Flag retrieved
Kinnoock admits he cannot control fraud
Vitamins and Herbal Medicines under threat from EU
Man's inhumanity
German separtist demands for Russian Baltic Kaliningrad

Main features in June-July 2002 Democrat (No.63)

Fortress Europe walls made higher
Federalism breeds fascism
Convention to write an EU Superstate Constitution
Ireland - In the front line again
EU medicine
The Spying Game

Main features in May 2002 Democrat(No.62)

Prodi calls for all power to Brussels
Campaign against EURO now
Munich again - Sudatenland

Main features in April 2002 Democrat(No.61)

A boost in fight for democracy
French warning
Euro-federalist Constitution
Empire lust
EU demands world wide privatisation

Main features in July 2000 Democrat(No.45)

Splits in Rotten Heart of Europe
Justice and Home Affairs
Euro 2000 Football cracy
Europe in Africa series - Sierra Leone
Post Office/NHS/Transport
Euro-military-industrial-complex v USA
Wolverhampton students demonstrate against cuts
Labour movement news
Discussion on the National Question
Merchant Fleet in Crisis

Main features in June 2000 Democrat(No.44)

Federalists push for Euro-Superstate
Concerted action will defeat EU monster
Creeping European Union - Schengen and Tax harmonisation
EU wants new legal system - Corpus Juris
Euro-empires back in Africa - Zimbabwe
Discussion - National Question
Oppose Post Office privatisation
Tax Harmonisation

Main features in April-May 2000 Democrat(No.43)

Battle for Britain's manufacturing industry - Rover
No escape to North America (NAFTA)
Conference on Jobs and the Welfare State
USA v EU - Military Industrial Complex
Third World starves whilst EU rice mountain rots
Cross Rail for London - the train stops here
Nationalism - discussion on the National Question
The real xenophobes

Main features in January-February 1999 Democrat (No.34)

Kosovo - EU intervention in the Balkans

Main features in November-December 1998 Democrat (No.33)

The Balkans
Global crisis knocks euro
Independence and the euro
Manufacturing matters in EMU debate - unanimous TUC resolution

Main features in September-October 1998 Democrat (No.32)

Social Partnership gags trade unions
Military aspects of European Union
Grasp the opportunity now - trade unions and EMU

Main feaatures in April-May 1998 Democrat (No.30)

Action and unity are imperative
Even God has to pay VAT

Main features in January-February 1998 Democrat (No.29)

Welfare State and NHS or Single Currency and Cuts
Trans-European road Network System (TENs)

Contents by subject on this website. In preference use the drop-down menu above left:-

Independence, democracy and right to self determination
Democrat Broadsheet No. 12 - Ten Principles of Democracy
Need for unity and action

Labour movement and trade unions
Charter of Fundamental Rights does not give right to strike
TUC backs EU Constitution without mandate. TUC statement on Constitution

Democrat Briefing
How the EU state Constitution affects you.
Social Partnership plus European Round Table of Industrialists gags trade unions
Grasp the opportunity now - trade unions and EMU

Manufacturing and trade
Manufacturing matters in EMU debate (Gen Sec CYWU) - TUC resolution

Single Currency and EMU
The euro crisis and possibility of Germany leaving the Euro-zone
Recession hit Portugal faces EU fines
Independence and the EURO
Global crisis knocks EURO
Grasp the opportunity now - trade unions and EMU
Welfare State or Single Currency and cuts?

Common Foreign and Security Policy and European Army
External Action Service - Shaping the EU's CFSP (March 210 No.117)
EU has just been militarised
EU Rapid Reaction Force - CAEF Statement
EU global war plans
Unravelling history I - Military aspects of European Union
Unravelling history II - The Balkans
Unravelling history III - Kosovo
Review of pamphlet on CFSP in regard to Kosovo-Serbia crisis

Justice and home affairs
June 2000 - EU wants new legal system - Corpus Juris

The national question
Trashing the nation-state, sovereignty and democracy
The EU and National & Class interests
Copying Moseley
Moseley - the parts Channel 4 did not reach
Learning pride in national identity - St George's Day

Discussion on the National Question
Nationalism - April-May 2000
Contribution - June 2000
The real xenophobes - April-May 2000

Third World
Part 1 - Post world War II arrangements
Part 2 - Setting up the Lome Convention

Zimbabwe (June 2000)
Sierra Leone (July 2000)

Fighting for rail safety May 2010
Protesting against EU rail 'liberalisation'
TENS - Trans-European road Network system
Cross Rail for London - the train stops here

EU Institutions - or how the European Union operates
Creeping European Union - Schengen and Taxation [June 2000]
Social Partnership and European Round Table of Industrialists

Tax Harmonisation
Creeping EU
Even God has to pay VAT