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Press Statement 18.12.98

Statement to Congress of Democracy on 18 December 1998

Made on behalf of the Campaign against Euro-federalism
by Ron Dorman

My comments this morning will be brief and to the point but not to the liking of our opponents. I do not propose to deal with the reasons for opposing EMU - that has already been done by others.

Firstly, now amendments strengthening the original resolution have been accepted along with a clear statement that racists and fascists are excluded from our campaign we have laid the basis for victory against EMU and the single currency.

Secondly, having united around the amended resolution we must get the national campaign underway immediately; we must move into top gear as soon as possible. Therefore, the Campaign against Euro-federalism proposes a meeting be convened early in February with representatives of all organisations in attendance today, and others we can draw in, with the sole purpose of drawing up a coordinated national action plan using all the resources we possess, human and material, a mechanism for monitoring progress and calling everyone together when necessary.

The Campaign against Euro-federalism's job along with others, will be to win the labour and trade union movement for the campaign. For this reason the Congress must not give rise to the slightest perception in peoples minds that we are a vehicle for party politics. If that is clear I can assure you CAEF will mobilise resources and not rest until the labour and trade union movement is brought back to its roots in this struggle against EMU. For us it is a struggle for all forms of democracy.

CAEF launches its campaign here and now from this platform. CAEF throws out a challenge to the TUC leaders to actively implement the resolution they themselves supported at the TUC 1998 Congress in September calling for open debate on EMU and the single currency in the trade union movement. CAEF will give every assistance to facilitate such a debate if requested. If the TUC leaders are democrats they will take up this challenge and make steps to ensure as many of their members are involved as possible, if not, they will stand exposed - the choice is theirs.

In my closing comments I say it is we here who stand for democracy; and it is we who stand for the right to self determination over economic and monetary affairs of our country.

Let us all put every effort towards achieving a victory against EMU and the single currency - there could be no better start to the new millennium.