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Counter Summit London 7 November 2015 Statement

This EU Counter Summit of EU critical organisations and movements states that:

  • The EU is the antithesis of democracy at best illustrated by TTIP and other so-called trade deals, designed to protect corporate investors, which are being negotiated in secret.

  • Has seriously diminished the sovereignty and right to self-determination of all Member States through common policies, EU directives and legislation.

  • The European Single Market defined as the free movement of capital, goods, services and labour is a disaster for many Member States.

    • Districts and areas have been depopulated in the east of the EU and have lost skilled and professional labour, something that is used to undermine incomes and working conditions in Member States into which they move.

    • The unrestricted free movement of capital has resulted in whole work places and factories being moved for the sake of vested interests, especially the TNCs, and many non-TNCS as well, with workforces cast aside to unemployment.

    • State aid, subsidies and protection of industries, enterprises and jobs is not permitted within the EU.

    • All the above has been reinforced by European Court of Justice rulings and EU legislation emanating from the Commission.

  • Permanent austerity, a common policy across the EU, stems from the strict criteria of Economic and Monetary Union that limits public sector expenditure and government borrowing. This is a major reason for the push towards privatisation which now includes education and other public services.

  • The euro Member States have their economies largely controlled by the European Central Bank that determines exchange and interest rates, two key economic levers. Greece has become subordinate to the diktats of the ECB, European Commission and the IMF (the troika). Other eurozone states are now suffering from mass unemployment, especially amongst young people that is blighting their lives.

  • The thrust towards the militarisation of the EU, with a European Army promoted by Germany, is a threat to peace. It was former Commission President Jacques Delors who stated “The EU needs a European Army to fight the resource wars of the 21st Century”. Forces from NATO and some EU Member States have been active outside the EU. There is an EU Common Security and Defence Policy and an armed European Gendarmerie Force.

  • Military action in the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan has created a humanitarian crisis, with refugees and economic migrants seeking sanctuary within the EU, something that has created huge economic and acute social problems for some EU Member States. The Schengen agreement, a passport-free area, for free movement of people has all but been abandoned.

This EU Counter Summit supports those organisations and movements and all those who:

  • Work and campaign for their nation-state to leave the EU, to oppose EU membership or reform the EU, to defend their right to self-determination and national democracy.

  • Work to achieve again the right of their nation-state to self-determination, national independence and democracy.

  • Work and support the growing campaign to expose and oppose TTIP and associated treaties and secret courts and tribunals. This includes further mass petitions to the EU Commission and national governments and demonstrations.

  • Work and support those who seek to retrieve the right to control their nation-states and their own agriculture in place of CAP; fishing grounds and industries in place of CFP; industries and work forces in place of EU directives and common policies; border controls in place of the four freedoms of the single market.

  • Work and support those who campaign for a return to their national currencies, and the ability to control their own economies.

  • Work and support those who want bilateral trade agreements in place of the European Single Market and European Economic Area.


Signed by the representatives and delegates of organisations and movements and people at the EU Counter Summit in London on 7 November 2015.