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Democrat May 2002 Editorial (Number 62)

Campaign against EURO now

No to euro campaign

Recent meetings have made clear that rank and file members of several organisations are ready to campaign against the EURO now. This was confirmed by two recent CAEF meetings, reported overleaf, and a key resolution adopted at the AGM of the Campaign for an Independent Britain. Prior to this there had been discussions at the Congress of Democracy attended by a broad range of organisations.

The consensus is that we are past the time of talking, hesitating about what should be done or waiting like Mr Macawber for something to turn up. In association with others, CAEF has taken the initiative and set the ball rolling. The current action being taken is to set up ad hoc committees in as many different and varied centres as possible. When practical it will be necessary to hold a national meeting to formalise details including an overall name for this single issue campaign.

Without a full and open debate over economic and democratic implications of the single currency., the labour and trade union movement remains in a confused state. On one hand UNISON, with a long held policy opposing the EURO, has produced a brochure - pictured on our cover. On the other hand GMB, led by John Edmonds, has called on Tony Blair to show political courage by calling a referendum. Without any mandate from Congress, TUC officials are speaking in favour of the single currency. The labour movement remains crucial to the referendum.

The subject of economics is dry, uninteresting and apparently remote from the lives of most people. The same goes for most of the diverse forms of democracy. Currently many feel powerless to influence and remote from those taking decisions over our lives. They have forgotten that to act together rather than as individuals, is the way to influence the decision makers, including governments. This is why an infrastructure for a No Euro single issue campaign is imperative. Organisations should address their own constituencies where mutual respect of each others principles is important.

Make no mistake, the Britain in Europe campaign and the Government, for all its alleged ambivalence and so called tests, have stepped up a gear and will use all means including stealth to persuade the majority currently opposed to the single currency to change their minds. Britain in Europe with the Government obviously have piles of money and acres of newsprint at their disposal.

If we on the No side work hard enough the Government will dare not call a referendum.

If you or your organisation would like to take part in the No Euro campaign get in touch in the first instance with CAEF.