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Democrat September-October 2012 (Number 131)

Labour movement action against austerity

General strikes called across Spain, Portugal and Greece on 14 November

Strikers stop a scab bus with stickers in a general strike in Spain

Spain's main trade unions on 19 October called a general strike for November 14. This will coincide with similar work stoppages in Portugal and Greece They are to protest against government-imposed austerity measures and attacks on labour reforms.

The general strike called by the Workers' Commissions and General Workers' unions will be the second in Spain this year. A partially successful stoppage was held on March 29.

Strike breaking bus halted in Spain during general strike on 29 March 2012 - Note the passive use of stickers

A spokesman for the Workers' Commissions said it would be the first ever joint general strike in Iberian neighbours Spain and Portugal. The General Workers' Union in a statement said the strike had been called to press for a change in government policy because "cuts are strangling the economy and dismantling our social model".