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Annual General Meeting 23 April 2005

Main Political Resolution

In May 2004 the European Community expanded from 15 to 25 Member States. The ten new members had imposed upon them 100,000 pages of EU laws which entailed them in huge costs and considerable loss of sovereignty and democracy.

The signing ceremony of the European Constitution by 25 Member States took place on 29 October 2004. It was no coincidence that this took place in Rome at the site of the centre of the old Roman Empire. It marks a symbolic change of the EU from the Treaty of Rome, signed in 1957, to the Constitution of Rome, signed almost half a century later. This is the symbol of a new EU State in the making.

If ratified this latest Treaty would fundamentally change the European Community into a Euro-federalist Union with a highly centralised government. The current intergovernmental arrangements where some independence exists would be dispensed with. This would be replaced by an EU super-state structure with its own legal personality and all key powers concentrated in EU institutions without any accountability.

Despite assurances and declarations that the EU Constitution would hand back powers to national governments, the reverse has taken place with 70 further areas being taken over by the EU. The millions of people in 25 Member States have been distanced still further from those who hold the power over all key aspects of their lives and further diminishes national democracy.

The written or unwritten constitution of a nation state acts as a framework within which elected governments with diverse political standpoints can legislate for different policies. The EU state Constitution rigidly rules out any opportunity for diversity and instead specifically locks in an economic system and policies favourable to big capital, transnational corporations and banks.

The thrust of the EU state constitution would be to turn the EU into a superpower with common laws, taxation, judicial system, foreign policy and military aspirations. Supplied by an expanding and expensive EU-military-industrial-complex, a 60,000 strong European Army with rapid reaction forces and battle groups would be able to act anywhere in the world on behalf of the temporary collective of old imperial powers.

Ratification of the EU state Constitution must be opposed by all interested in defending, preserving and advancing democracy of all forms and protecting the peace.

Opposition to passing powers and policies to the EU is clearly shown by the indefinite shelving of a referendum on the single currency – the euro. The strength of this opposition is confirmed by arrangements to put Britain as one of the last Member States to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution.

Opposition to the Directive on Services, including the European TUC, the government and trade unions in France,and UNISON in Britain has caused the Commission to temporarily postpone imposition of Directive on Member States. The Prime Minister of Britain has stated he is in favour of the Directive to take advantage of low wages and poor conditions in Eastern Europe. He has also declared there is no such thing as the Social Model. These factors are the basis of wider unity and opposition to both the Directive and the EU Constitution.

In Britain it is recognised that the labour and trade union movement is the key to winning a No! vote in a referendum on ratification of the EU Constitution.

The Campaign against Euro-federalism welcomes the formation of Trade Unionists against the EU Constitution.

CAEF will work in the Alliance against the European Constitution and general broad campaign to win a massive No!