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Democrat November-December (Number 84)

Victory in NE Referendum

The battle over imposing EU regions in Britain

The No! camp won a significant victory in the North East of England when 75 per cent of those who voted rejected the formation of a new tier of government in the form of regional assemblies.

The Government in the shape of larger than life John Prescott threw a lot of money and effort into winning this referendum. Despite this and the unequal amount of money spent by the No! side the electorate said “No thanks!” The Government has for the time being abandoned any more referendums. They had already put them on hold in other parts of England including the North West and East Midlands. However a vigilant eye will be kept on any resuscitation of moves towards regional government.

These undemocratic and unaccountable regional assemblies were explained in a Democrat Broadsheet which was reprinted several times. CAEF was, as far as we know the only labour movement organisation to oppose these assemblies. This was on the basis that they were undemocratic and unaccountable institutions.

Unfortunately, in the early stages of selling these regions the trade unions were sold a pup and not told the real undemocratic nature of these assemblies.