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Democrat September 2007 (Number 104)

How the EU Operates

Retiring head of EGF

The EU's police force

The Democrat has in the past reported that an armed European Gendarmerie Force (EGF) was being set up and could eventually patrol Britain's streets. The 5,000 force has just completed training in Italy and comprises paramilitary police officers from Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. Initially the EGF's main role will be on international missions but could be deployed within the EU. First and foremost this force will be at the disposal of the EU. Torquil Dick-Erikson, a British constitutional lawyer living in Italy, said, "Having different nationalities drilling side by side is clearly part of a plan to create a European police force." (Sunday Express 9.09.07)

EGF commander Brigadier General Gérard Deanaz (French National Gendarmerie) on right has been replaced by
Colonel Giovanni Truglio (Italian Carabinieri)

See two flow charts of 'who elects whom' and 'who has the power'