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Democrat July 2000 (Number 45)

EURO 2000 - Football crazy

UEFA euro 2000

The latest nonsense being turned out by some Euro fanatics, by implication perhaps, seems to be an attempt to lump together Euro 2000

Billy Bragg writing in the Guardian recently says: "The shame that they have brought upon our nation has been inspired by a hatred of everything that the European Union stands for; liberal democracy, multicultural society, and reconciliation amongst former enemies."

If Billy were to examine impartially the way in which the EU functions, he would find it is far from democratic. Furthermore, multicultural societies exist independently of the EU, nor is it necessary to introduce a plethora of rigid rules and regulations to bring about reconciliation of old enemies Football hooligans involved in inter club rivalries, have been creating mayhem on the streets of towns and cities in England for decades.

The football business and the media have between them managed to deluge us all with football hype to such a degree, that those who are not indifferent or heartily sick to the back teeth of it, possibly suffer from induced football mania, whilst the more moronic see it as some kind of tribal gladatorial combat. Minds addled in this way are not focussed on more serious issues.

But then, perhaps that is the idea. In spite of all the hype from whatever quarter, public opinion polls in this country indicate that the majority of people are not convinced that those promoting EU, are doing so in the interests of ordinary men and women. The time is long past when the question to be asked is, "what it is in the nature of our society which spawns the insanity not just of football hooliganism, but all brands of anti-social and unethical behaviour?"