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Democrat - March-April 2009

Arthur Smelt says

What an inordinate mess

"A nation cannot prosper long when it favours only the prosperous" - US President Obama

Piggy bank

It is now painfully obvious that laissez fair capitalism cannot be allowed to continue to run rampant, whereby those in positions of power and privilege are enabled and encouraged to enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of society.

   Great damage has been done by rapacious and selfish behaviour not only of bankers but throughout a political and economic system which gives the green light to those who can, to indulge in unregulated pillaging.

   Even those who do not profess a high degree of erudition cannot but be aware of what is going on. Systematic robbery has been and still is taking place whenever and wherever possible. In fact this rip off society is presided over, encouraged and participated in by politicians in government who call themselves New Labour and who were elected as caretakers to protect the interests of those who voted for them. In addition the expenses claims scandals emanating from both Bruxelles and Westminster have contributed to the feelings of anger and disgust of the electorate.

   There is little doubt that in the unlikely event of genuine attempts to regulate some of the abuses, the outcry and accusations about interfering with the free market would have continued loud and long. Conversely, regulations are being dictatorially imposed to enable the private sector to take over profitable parts of public services and utilities.

   We are witnessing the privatisation of essential public services as directed by the EU. At the same time we are surrounded by an intense malaise of incompetence and slack behaviour which seems to permeate everywhere. Aside from the banking chaos we have the scandals of laptops and discs containing a welter of confidential information, having been lost. Billions of pounds have been spent on IT, schemes which have never come to fruition mainly where the public sector has handed over to private agencies to administer. Too numerous to mention here are the scandals breaking out all the time in our health, education and transport services where one upheaval after another is taking place. The work forces become demoralised and unsettled with the constant changes in work patterns which in turn bring about mistakes which in some cases become life threatening as we have seen in some NHS establishments.

   Over the years people have attributed a degree of intelligence and trustworthiness to the politicians they elect to represent them in parliament, but when they see the dodging, weaving and squirming that goes on they become disillusioned and angry.

   Both Blair and Brown have heaped one lie on top of another. One of the biggest gaffes is probably the boom and bust nonsense. Then we have Brown talking of returning power to the people. On the question of the European constitution both Blair and Brown have said: "We shall put it to the British people in a referendum and campaign for a yes vote." Added to that was: "Let the people have the final say." We all know this is downright lying on their part and this is not even scratching the surface.

   The latest developments in the government's counter terrorism tactics is the height of hypocrisy when our government spends billions on terror in the Middle East. Al-Qaida must know with all the self destruction going on here, no further action is needed.