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Democrat September-October 1998 (Number 32)

Introducing a new series

Unravelling history

Part I by Leo Dreapir - Military aspects of European Union

Eurofighter - Typhoon

The Millennium marks over 2,000 years of European Imperialism, the ideological source of which was the Roman adaptation of Christianity. Ironically, imposing Christianity by the sword also marked the end for classical Roman Empire. Today in Brussels, as in imperial Rome, Euro-Federalism is imposed whilst swords are sharpened.

Classical Roman Empire was by far the most successful attempt at European Empire. Since the end of the Roman Empire, European history has been one of resistance to European Empires based on growing developing nations and the political and territorial consolidation of state power. European Union seeks to roll back state power of the nation to re-establish an Empire.

Imperial Legions

The Romans, of course, did not have to contend with modern national territorial states which are capable of organising people into invincible forces. In addition, the Romans had the famous imperial legions. Moreover, political and military opposition to Imperial Rome was invariably inferior to their battle hardened expeditionary forces. Most importantly, Roman Europe was 'the' uncontested established imperial power in their world.

Roman power base was its armed legions acutely aware that no army may gain in strength save in blood and gore; no empire exists except by policy of territorial expansion and enslavement of peoples and labour.


Napoleon sought to reimpose imperial conditions on the whole of Europe. His contradictory attempt was doomed to failure by virtue of the French Revolution, which itself, established the way forward for the founding of independent states. Napoleon's short lived impressive successes were due almost entirely to the military might of his army.


In the Twentieth Century, Adolph Hitler, made yet another attempt to emulate the Ceasars and impose imperial Euro-control on the continent. His attempt was even more short lived and even more dependent for its initial spectacular successes upon a massive military offensive.

The end of the Twentieth Century sees once more an attempt to create military machinery to enforce Euro-imperial dictatorship, and Franco-German hegemony, upon the independent peoples of Europe.

Western European Union (WEU)

The Western European Union (WEU), is the military arm of the European Union. Its maniac destiny, un-baptised in fire, is to fight Jacque Delors' "resource wars of the twenty first Century", and establish international supremacy.

The extent and nature of the Roman Empire cannot be repeated. The reasons for this are multiple. The more important of these, by themselves are sufficient to render another European empire a nightmare. The existence of other potential and existing rival imperial powers alone suggests military conflict on a global international scale. The will of nations to exercise democratic political independence through powers of the nation state is much stronger than any patchwork of federal empire.


The dangerous and murderous neo-imperial chess game played out in the Balkans between the US and Euro-leader Germany, is a rude insight into the future of evil old empires and new order empires.

As in the Balkans, the continent of Africa is being carved up once again according to strengths and weaknesses of African neo-colonial puppets of the contesting Western powers. The smashing of African revolution is the basis upon which the contestants arm, train and sustain various irregular armies to secure spheres of influence and exhaust the potential prey before the kill.


In this new series, we propose to outline the drive towards Euro-war policy, Common foreign and Security Policy, expose media lies, official misinformation, political slime and cover ups. The series is designed to leave no-one in any doubt as to the dangers underlying such reactionary ambitions. The first of these will examine US and German interference, intervention and incitement to war in the Balkans.

Facts & Figures

Britain has ordered 232 Eurofighters and has already invested £15,000 million in the project. The manufactureres, a consortium in several EC member states, expect to sell 800 - worth more than £70,000 million in total, or roughly £88 million per machine.

Germany has ordered 180 planes, Italy 120 and Spain 87. With Britain these states make up the consortium.

The fighter has been named Typhoon - typhoons cause widespread damage in 'Third World' countries!

Part II - The Balkans
Part III - Kosovo
Background to Kosovo-Serbia crisis of 1999