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Press Statement 4.10.09

Lisbon Treaty and Democracy

Herd of elephants in the room

Governments across the European Union are putting austerity policies in place which include: massive cuts to welfare states, pressing down wages and pensions, and raising unemployment. The public sector is to be handed to privatisation with loss of accountability and no regard whatsoever for the social consequences.

   The ConDem Government has agreed that national budgets and therefore austerity policies be vetted by the European Commission. The budget must be in line with the EU’s Growth and Stability Pact where Britain has exceeded the limits on government borrowing of 60% of GDP and deficit of 3% of GDP - currently and respectively 71.4% and 11% (Office of National Statistics). EU Member States are to be fined if their budgets are not brought back into line with the Pact.

   The herd of elephants in the room consists of the policies and legislation of the EU enshrined in the European Constitution put in place last December.  This includes the four freedoms – “free movement of capital, services, goods and labour” within the EU super-state and all that entails.

   The simple alternative is to withdraw Britain from the EU and not be subject to the dictats of unelected EU institutions which act on behalf of the transnational corporations and banks against the interests of those who work for their living. The benefits would be economic, political and defence of democracy and acco

The result of the Lisbon 2 referendum in Ireland is a body blow to democracy and the right to self-determination of nation-states. Put in place, the Lisbon Treaty/European Constitution would turn the current intergovernmental arrangements into a super-state and super-power.

The Irish referendum result is a fact but does not make it legitimate in either democratic or political terms. Reports from Ireland make clear that the referendum was run in a grossly fraudulent and entirely undemocratic manner. Limitless money was made available to the Yes! side to the point where that side spent at least ten times as much as the No! side. This money came from the Commission, the Irish Government, Political Parties in the European Parliament and private business firms.

An aim of the European Constitution is to consolidate the EU’s institutions and turn the unaccountable Commission and Councils of Ministers into a euro-federalist government answerable to nobody. This is the sole constitution in the world which enshrines capitalism as the only economic system permitted.

The Constitution would further develop the Single European Market for big capital under the guise of the “free movement of capital, goods, services and people”. This would be ensured by the European Court of Justice which has already decreed against trade union and workers’ rights including the right to strike.

What must be done by all democrats is to: