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Democrat - July 2005 (Number 89)

Reflection on ratification and action

Luxembourg Yes! will not resuscitate the EU Constitution

The French and Netherlands votes trump Luembourg result

The Yes! vote in Luxembourg has given the EU state Constitution on life support a short dose to make EU political elitists and federalists feel a little better. The reality which everybody now accepts is that the Constitution has to be put out of its misery and the mourning period of reflection ended by officially burying the European Constitution.

Governments in the Member States where referendums had to be held according to their own national constitutions and where referendums were being considered have put these off for fear of getting a No! vote.

EUscepticism has mushroomed as peoples across the EU and on the periphery realised from their perspectives the undemocratic and anti-social implications of the European Constitution.

Action is required to expose and oppose the illegal process of putting in place pieces of the Constitution. To call setting up the: offices for an EU President; EU Foreign Minister; EU diplomatic service; EU Army battle groups ready to go into action outside the EU; and a so called European Defence Agency - 'cherrypicking' - is an attempt to seriously understate their gravity.

The single currency is in serious difficulties and cannot last without the support and institutions of a state. The Constitution specified that the euro would be the currency of the EU, even for those Member States not in euroland. Government Ministers in Germany and Italy have publicly expressed disquiet about membership of the single currency. A French Minister has declared to the French Assembly that a country can leave the euro, although it might be a little messy.

What is needed is a thorough public debate on alternatives to the European Union. This debate* must include repatriation to member States of the multitude of powers held by Brussels to replace the 100,000 pages of EU legislation. There is a need for States in the continent of Europe to co-operate in many different ways to the benefit of all peoples. There is no need for a superstate called European Union with a uncalled for and undemocratic Constitution.

* The European Alliance of TEAM - the European Alliance of EUcritical organisations.